The Little Taperia, Tooting

I’ve tooted the horn for Tooting many times because it honestly is a really diverse and great place to find excellent food. And if there aren’t enough reasons already to avoid homecooking, another one arrived earlier this month. The people behind the wonderful Meza and unique Little Bar have joined forces to create The Little… Continue reading The Little Taperia, Tooting

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Looks like ramen is here to stay

Apparently there are 34,488 ramen shops in Japan and judging by recent openings, London appears to be trying to compete. A walk around Soho will throw up dozens of new options for some slurpy noodles. We chose a boiling hot Wednesday to go and sample  this speciality at Tonkotsu in Dean Street. This is a… Continue reading Looks like ramen is here to stay

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Singing from the same song sheet.

I had wanted to go to one of the Salt Yard group restaurants for a long time – sharing little bites of tastiness with friends is one of my favourite eating experiences. Luckily when we go out, the girls are very chilled and are happy to let me, the control freak, choose the venue. So… Continue reading Singing from the same song sheet.