10 Things I Loved About Our Trip To New York

I wanted to try something different with this post. It won’t be all about food I’m sorry!

1. An autumnal walk along the High Line

This is probably my favourite place in the city and one we always try to get to when we visit. Its quiet beauty makes you feel as if you could be anywhere in the world if it weren’t for the stunning views of the Hudson and skyscrapers. The planting is so clever and at this time of year the colours are stunning. It was pretty busy on the afternoon we walked but I guess that just shows how popular it has become.


2. Breakfast at Bubby’s in Meatpacking

This place was recommended to us by our friends who stayed at the same hotel as us in the Meatpacking district. While I was tempted to order the pancakes as big as my face, I knew that I would spend the rest of the day rolling around town unable to enjoy the sightseeing and shopping we had planned. I opted instead for the huevos rancheros which is actually something I’ve never had for breakfast before even though I love all things Mexican. It was a delicious mix of flavours with just the right amount of spice in the sauce and I enjoyed the egg and tortilla surprises underneath the avocado and sauce.


3. Seeing art old and modern at MOMA and the Whitney

MOMA is an old favourite of ours and even though the Pop Art was on loan we spent a very enjoyable hour or so looking at Matisse, Monet and Van Gogh masterpieces.

The Whitney is a new museum in Meatpacking which opened up earlier this year and the queues outside each day showed how popular it has become. It has a wide range of modern American art but I think we were most blown away by the two Edward Hopper works. It is also a really interesting building which overlooks the High Line and looks right in (and I mean, right in…!) to the hotel we were staying in, The Standard High Line.


4. American passion for Halloween

Everything you’ve heard about how much Americans love Halloween is true. Houses elaborately decorated, shops selling all kinds of candy and treats and everyone dressed up. Men and women just going about their afternoon shopping were wearing masks, capes or full costume. And I wonder if just one person carved all of these…!


5. Eating Japanese food in Chelsea Market

Our hotel was right next to Chelsea Market which is a little like Borough Market in that it is a mix of upmarket eateries and shops selling fresh produce like fish or cheese.

We spent an evening eating wonderful sushi at Morimoto. The design of the restaurant is very cool, with tables nicely spread out and very lightly decorated with lots of glass. We ate delicious rock shrimp tempura, pork gyoza and sashimi. It was all beautifully presented with so much colour and texture. The braised black cod, angry angry chicken and wagyu beef for our main course were also stunning.


6. Breakfast at Cafe Mogador in Williamsburg

We carbo-loaded here before a long day of supporting and cheering. We were told this was a bit of an institution among the hipsters in Brooklyn. It does amazing Moroccan and Mediterranean breakfasts and was packed out on the Sunday morning we went. One thing I love about New York is that breakfast is such a big deal, it’s served here from 9 until 4! London is catching up, but not as fast as I’d like!

I ordered the eggs Normandy with the Hollandaise on the side and extra avocado. It came with the obligatory homefries which I just love, I wish they could be replicated back here. The service, food and ambience of this place was perfect as we all buzzed with excitement and nerves ahead of watching our friends run the big race.

7. Watching the marathon

I have watched a number of marathons now and have become a pretty good supporter. You won’t catch me doing one myself. The New York marathon is comparable to London in its size and spectacle. We watched in Brooklyn where there was a fantastic party atmosphere with music pumping and people dancing and cheering. This was at about mile 10/11 so the runners were all looking in pretty great shape. We then went up to 92nd and 1st Avenue where we were watching them as they got to around mile 22 and the mood felt different. This is where the runners really needed support and where it all gets very emotional. It was still such a great atmosphere and we managed to spot our friend and give him some well-earned hugs before he went on his brave way.


8. ‘Fakesgiving’ meal with family and friends in beautiful Connecticut 

We were three weeks early for real Thanksgiving but were lucky enough to be invited to a re-creation at our friend’s parents in Connecticut. We travelled there in style in a stretch limo with mimosas and smoked salmon bagels. And once we arrived the food and drink did not stop. We ate turkey with all of the trimmings; sweet potato with maple syrup, mashed potato, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce. There were FOUR types of pie with ice cream for dessert plus apple dumplings. This was all washed down with pumpkin beer and copious amounts of red wine. If the lunch was not enough food there was a glazed ham for sandwiches for the evening. It was the a really special day with stunning weather, great company and excellent, traditional American food. And all on a Tuesday in early November!



9. Lunch at the Oyster grill at Grand Central

This restaurant is vast, loud and has possibly the biggest fish and seafood menu I’ve ever seen. We have been here before and it is one of my dad’s favourite places. The range and quality of the seafood is incredible but it does take a while to decide what to have. Oysters  and clams always seem like a great place to start. Most of them are from the east coast and the staff always let you know what’s in season. We sampled a bit of everything really. My mum loves American shrimp cocktail with that red sauce that no one really knows the name of. I had Maine lobster cocktail which was meaty and delicious. Three of us chose scallops for our main courses after being told they were the first of the season. I’ve never had so many on my plate. They were cooked simply with garlic and served with beans, broccoli and potatoes. The perfect final meal before we got on our plane home.


10. Cocktails and drinks on the top of the Standard High Line

This is just the perfect place to unwind after a day shopping and sightseeing. There are two bars on the 18th floor with spectacular views both uptown to the Empire State Building and down to the Freedom Tower and over the river. It was also great for people watching.

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