10 Things I Loved About Our Trip To New York

I wanted to try something different with this post. It won’t be all about food I’m sorry! 1. An autumnal walk along the High Line This is probably my favourite place in the city and one we always try to get to when we visit. Its quiet beauty makes you feel as if you could be anywhere… Continue reading 10 Things I Loved About Our Trip To New York



Flesh And Buns Review

Before I went to Flesh and Buns I don’t think I appreciated how many different types of food Japanese cuisine is made up of. Many people associate the country with sushi or ramen so these funky little Japanese sandwiches were a revelation to me. Flesh and Buns scored points with me before we even arrived because… Continue reading Flesh And Buns Review

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No bum notes at Rock Star Sushi Bar

There are dozens of places to sample sushi in London and we’re happily working our way down the list. On Friday we decided try a place no one we knew had heard of, in an area we don’t really know at all. Merton Abbey Mills is on the site of one of the most important monasteries of… Continue reading No bum notes at Rock Star Sushi Bar

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GilgaMESS – but I have high hopes for next time

Last week Matt and I went to Gilgamesh in Camden for the first time. We had been tempted by an offer I saw online for an opportunity to try out two courses from their new a la carte menu for £14. Knowing that the restaurant was not cheap we thought this seemed like a great… Continue reading GilgaMESS – but I have high hopes for next time

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Ibiza – clubs, cocktails and cuisine!

Food might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Ibiza. The ‘White Isle’ is known for its nightlife, celebrity tourists and drugs probably. I’ve just got back from a five night trip to ‘Beefa’ with four of my girlfriends. We decided we wanted to go before we turn 30… Continue reading Ibiza – clubs, cocktails and cuisine!