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The Big Easy!

I’m sorry I’ve been off radar for a little while, we’re moving house so things have been a bit hectic.

But fear not, we’ve still been eating and there are a few places I’d like to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago me and some friends went to sample the relatively new Big Easy in Covent Garden. This is an off-shoot of the one on the King’s Road which has become known for its huge dishes and plastic bibs.

As I’ve mentioned before, just a few times (!), my friends and I are not good at holding back when we see menus.

The Big Easy has everything, from ribs and pulled pork to huge shrimps and whole lobster.

They do a great deal – £20 for a lobster, chips and salad with a drink. And a stonkingly strong garlic sauce to go with it all!

Three of us went for the lobster but obviously this wasn’t enough for us chunkers.

We ordered the Grand Appetiser to share as a starter which included spicy chicken wings, smoked BBQ wings, Hush Puppies, calamari and deep fried jumbo shrimp. It was all very beige in colour as I’m sure you can imagine, but the flavours were great.

The shrimp were huge and meaty and the chicken wings really needed the blue cheese dipping sauce to cool our mouths down.

While eating all of this we sampled the margaritas which were what I’d expect from a big American-style restaurant to be honest. They were of the slushy variety and too sweet to be truly authentic.

The lobster arrived on huge plates to give us enough room to get messy. They were around 1 1/2lbs each, cooked to perfection and delicious.

They only needed minimal cracking which was a bonus as our hands were so slimy from the garlic sauce and chips that we could barely hold the equipment.

The meal was simple, the flavours spoke for themselves and needed little additions apart from some ketchup for the chips! We definitely needed the bibs, and hand wipes and a hand wash in the toilets! And a doggy bag or two…

The service at the Big Easy was great. Our waiter explained how the menu worked to us and answered our dozens of questions patiently.

The restaurant has a great buzz to it, there was a live band playing downstairs and the bar was full of people enjoying a drink or two.

I think it is a great addition to Covent Garden and the polar opposite of all the new restaurants springing up which seem to be serving tiny plates of food!

Don’t think I could, or should, go here more than once a year!







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