Flesh And Buns Review

Before I went to Flesh and Buns I don’t think I appreciated how many different types of food Japanese cuisine is made up of. Many people associate the country with sushi or ramen so these funky little Japanese sandwiches were a revelation to me. Flesh and Buns scored points with me before we even arrived because… Continue reading Flesh And Buns Review



Great Scott’s!

Scott’s on Mount Street in Mayfair is a restaurant for a special occasion. It’s not cheap but worth every penny for the exquisite service, beautiful food and calm atmosphere. We’ve had a tough month due to personal reasons and needed a family night out where we could have a few giggles and enjoy some stunning… Continue reading Great Scott’s!


Saved By Rex & Mariano On A Cold, Cold Night

One of my oldest, very best friends is moving to Australia for a year – she’s featured in this blog before, she’s the jamon fiend! Three of us wanted to go for a final meal in London before her big adventure and we decided that Barrafina might be the place with jamon guaranteed. However, on… Continue reading Saved By Rex & Mariano On A Cold, Cold Night

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No bum notes at Rock Star Sushi Bar

There are dozens of places to sample sushi in London and we’re happily working our way down the list. On Friday we decided try a place no one we knew had heard of, in an area we don’t really know at all. Merton Abbey Mills is on the site of one of the most important monasteries of… Continue reading No bum notes at Rock Star Sushi Bar