Great Scott’s!

Scott’s on Mount Street in Mayfair is a restaurant for a special occasion.

It’s not cheap but worth every penny for the exquisite service, beautiful food and calm atmosphere.

We’ve had a tough month due to personal reasons and needed a family night out where we could have a few giggles and enjoy some stunning seafood and wine.

scotts 1

Before we even got to the restaurant there were emails flying around about their famous fruits de mer platter which we have enjoyed on more than one occasion before.

This is a tower piled high with every type of shellfish you can think of right down to whelks, winkles and little brown shrimps.

We didn’t even need to look at the menu when we arrived as we knew this is what we’d have for the starter. Five of us shared this while my mum opted to order the razor clams dish and dip in and out of the tower.


The platter was like an Aladdin’s Cave where we kept discovering little shells of goodness underneath other claws and crustaceans.

We were given all sorts of accompaniments from mayonnaise, vinegar and shallot sauce, to thousand island sauce.

But if I’m honest the food was best eaten exactly as it came. The juicy lobster tails were incredible as were the succulent crab claws.


Two types of clams, mussels, and huge langoustines were quickly devoured.

I think it took us around an hour to finally admit defeat but at no point were we hurried along by the waiting staff. They would just unobtrusively replace our plates and bowls for shells while we made a huge mess.

The winkles and whelks always seem to be the things we come to last. I guess, unfortunately for them, they are not the most attractive sea creatures on the platter. I struggle a bit with whelks as they are rather large, springy and at times, chewy.

But a winkle dipped in mayonnaise is very palatable ; )

We needed a bit of a breather after this and again the staff were lovely and patient and came and cleaned up the mess we’d made.

It’s easy for main courses to be an afterthought after that stonking starter but they are also always of the same top class standard.

I ordered the cod with chorizo and padron peppers. The meat was cooked perfectly and chorizo is always a great food for bringing out contrasting flavours with its spiciness. The skin on the peppers was almost caramelised from cooking which was delicious. It probably wasn’t that adventurous as I tend to order cod a lot but I knew it would be great.


Matt had the John Dory which came with anchovies and capers which is not a fish he would usually order. He said he really enjoyed it but found it a bit oily.

My mum said the miso blackened salmon with pak choi and pickled ginger was delicious and different to what she would usually order, which tends to be sea bass! All of the plates were presented beautifully and there had clearly been a lot of thought put into the contrasting, appealing colours of the ingredients.

scotts6It might be hard to believe but after all of this food we still had room for dessert. That’s the thing about Scott’s, the food is so hard to resist and you want to sample everything on offer.

I chose the honeycomb ice cream with hot chocolate sauce which I thought might be the small, sensible option. I was quite clearly wrong when it arrived with huge pieces of honeycomb sticking out of a mound of ice cream!


I ploughed on through though… ha ha! The chocolate sauce solidified when it was poured over the ice cream which had pieces of white chocolate hidden in it. It was all quite heavenly.

The chocolate fondant and chocolate and caramel tart with blood orange were as decadent as expected but were still demolished by my brother and his girlfriend.


As I am sure you can tell from reading this, this was one hell of a special meal, especially given what we have had going on over the past few weeks.

It was a true treat and obviously not something which can be enjoyed very often but the fact that we are still talking about it days after is proof of the impact it had.

Everything about Scott’s is professional, prioritises the customer and of the highest standard. If I never got to go again, the memories I have of this meal will stay with me forever.


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