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Toot Toot! It’s time for chicken!

Tooting is a fantastic place to eat but every now and again you feel like something different from one of the delicious curries which is why it’s great that some new and interesting restaurants are popping up (but they’re not ‘pop ups’).

Chicken Shop on Tooting High Street does simplicity and gorgeous flavours perfectly.


It basically serves chicken. And a few sides. But it is all about the chick-chick-chick-chick-chicken.

I went there with six friends last night which may have seemed foolhardy for a place which does not take reservations but we drank some wine and relaxed while we waited for our table.

Actually after turning up at 7.15 we were sat down by 8.15 which wasn’t too bad considering it was packed out. I think the delay was lengthened slightly by the fact that the staff wanted to put us on a really nice table which was kind of them and worth those extra few minutes.


So after waiting an hour for our table I’d say we ordered our food in around 30 seconds flat! The menu is basically a whole, half, quarter of a free-range spitroast chicken. Chips, coleslaw, corn on the cob and a lettuce and avocado salad are the sides.

We ordered two whole chickens to share between the seven of us, six portions of crinkle cut chips (oops!), three coleslaws and a corn on the cob for each of us.

The food arrived within about 15 minutes and was presented with no fuss or frills. The flavours and colours were enough in themselves. The corn came with a wonderful garlic butter poured all over it and the chicken had been handily cut up into pieces which were easy to eat and saved any messiness.


Despite the table being rammed with food already we could not have even considered starting without some sauces. There was a choice of hot or smoky, both of which were delicious. I think the hot one just pipped it for me though. Garlic mayonnaise went beautifully with the chips too.

Chicken Shop is also a take out place too and there were people in and out of the front door all evening carrying their simple brown paper bags full of food.

Simple is key word for this restaurant from the food I’ve described above, to the signage and the wine served in jugs and food served in bowls.


If going south on the Northern Line is not your thing then the good news is that there are Chicken Shops in Kentish Town and Whitechapel. Enjoy!



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