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The Cornish Tiger isn’t roaring just quite yet…

Battersea Rise in Clapham Junction is a great place for eating whether you fancy a trusty chain or something a little more off piste.

At the top of the road near Clapham Common is a relatively new restaurant I hadn’t noticed. It used to be a Mexican but is now called Cornish Tiger – a name which doesn’t tell you anything  initially really…

Cornish Tiger

We went there for a family meal on hot week-night and it was busy and bustling. It has a few tables outside and others at the front near the wide open windows and doors.

There were six of us and we were sat in the back area which was a bit of a shame as it didn’t have quite the same atmosphere.

The food is sourced from Cornwall where possible and the menu is littered with ‘Tiger’-seasoned or spiced dishes. When we asked what the Tiger seasoning was, we were given a vague response of something involving cumin and other spices.

It didn’t put us off though as there was plenty on the menu we fancied.


Among the starters we hadwere the chargrilled halloumi, roasted mix peppers, chilli coriander courgettes & pomegranate and chargrilled Tiger seasoned beef skewers, mint and white radish salad.

The plates were beautifully presented and looked colourful and fresh.

Beef skewers

Everyone loved their starters and were excited about what was to come next.

I ordered the grilled plaice with Tiger spiced butter and chips but it didn’t really set my world on fire. I couldn’t taste the Tiger spice and there was nothing to set it apart from any other plaice I’ve ordered.

I was jealous of those that had ordered the corn-fed chicken with coriander crust, sweet corn and chilli pancake, broad bean and tomato dressing which looked, and, I am told, was delicious. No one wanted to share!


This is a great new restaurant with really friendly staff, lovely decor and tasty food.

However, I’m just not sure the Tiger concept works just yet. There needs to be a better explanation of the origin and ingredients of the seasoning and what the chefs believe it adds to a dish.

But I would recommend this as a perfect place for a meal out with friends or family and it is still a lovely addition to Battersea Rise and all it has to offer.


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