A lot of tapas at Camino in Kings Cross

I think by now you’ve worked out that I am a fan of tapas.

:: See my reviews of Ember Yard, Opera Tavern and from Ibiza.

There are dozens of places to eat small plates of Mediterranean food in London and the standard definitely varies.

I had heard good things about the branches of Camino in London and last week got to try the one in King’s Cross out for myself.

I went along with five girlfriends on a very wet Wednesday and the place was packed and buzzing.

We were all starving hungry and knew that as usual we would not hold back on ordering.

The menu contains all of things you want from a tapas restaurant; chorizo, tortilla, croquetas and gambas.

photo 4 (2)

So obviously, we ordered all of those. The gambas were delicious with the strong flavour of roasted garlic which was perfect for dipping bread, and anything else we fancied, into.

The chorizo came in big slices, lightly burnt around the edges, with roasted red peppers. It was spicy and very moreish.

A plate piled high with pimientos de padron held promise of more spice but unfortunately failed to deliver.

photo 5

The cured beef with blue cheese was thinly sliced and went beautifully with a plate of tomatoes but the menu’s truffle oil seemed to be missing, or at least not very ‘truffly’ anyway.

The salt cod and cheese fritters and ham croquetas were crunchy on the outside but soft and oozing inside.

A plate of mixed tomatoes eased our guilt about the plates of carbs, cheese and meat on the table. The colours were beautiful, very autumnal.

photo 3 (1)

Two portions of patatas bravas were devoured but again, I had been hoping for a spicier brava sauce.

Camino does really nice tapas and is a great place for a mid-week meal with friends but there were a few disappointing elements.

The staff were friendly and attentive but recommending the most expensive things on the menu to us was not appreciated. A £180 suckling pig was not quite what we had in mind that night…

Camino also has branches in Blackfriars and Monument.


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