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Bob Bob Ricard

Apologies again for the gap between posts, November has been a month of birthday celebrations and finding time to sit down to write has been difficult.

But on this cold, grey day I feel like it would be nice to write about somewhere which makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

On one of the recent birthday celebrations we were invited to Bob Bob Ricard – a place which has become famous for its ‘Press For Champagne’ buttons.


We were lucky enough to be in the private room where the 16 of us enjoyed amazing service in an opulent setting with delicious food, and of course, bubbles on tap.

The restaurant is in a great location in Soho, just off Golden Square. It has a menu which is a mix of Russian and British dishes, including caviar, oysters and smoked borsch.

The main dining room is made up of gold and teal-coloured booths with mirrors everywhere. There seemed to be dozens of staff, all dressed smartly and on hand for any question or request.

BBR2 Salmon tartare

I shared some delicious Jersey oysters with a friend which came with a spicy Bloody Mary sauce. We should have gone for the dozen. not half dozen though, they were really good!

The Stinky Bishop cheese souffle was  a popular choice on the table. It was light and fluffy but suitably strong on the nostrils.

The menu includes many traditional main courses such as roast chicken, pork belly and beef wellington.

But I went for the lobster macaroni cheese because I was feeling decadent but wanted comfort food too.

BBR4 Lobster mac’n’cheese

I have to admit the dish was smaller than I hoped – this was a trend across the board – and I was disappointed to see the lobster tail on top was purely for decor and empty…boo!

My friend said the braised lamb shoulder was juicy but crispy but could have maybe come with more accompaniments.

The prices are not cheap at BBR and it is not somewhere we would usually go unless it was a special occasion.

While the drinks and service were great, I felt like the food portions could have been more generous and perhaps given a bit more attention.

BBR3 Braised shoulder of lamb

But eating at this restaurant is a great experience. Everyone should see the stunning dining room which is a pleasure for all senses with its colours, smells and buzz.

And, they’re on to a winner with that Press For Champagne button, it’s hard to resist.


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