The Colony Grill Room

My Dad eats out in London a lot. But I know that when I join him and my Mum for dinner, we are going to go to a certain type of place. Somewhere with a nice bar with black and white photos on the walls, not too noisy and not full of hipsters – generally… Continue reading The Colony Grill Room



Saved By Rex & Mariano On A Cold, Cold Night

One of my oldest, very best friends is moving to Australia for a year – she’s featured in this blog before, she’s the jamon fiend! Three of us wanted to go for a final meal in London before her big adventure and we decided that Barrafina might be the place with jamon guaranteed. However, on… Continue reading Saved By Rex & Mariano On A Cold, Cold Night


A Weekend In Wonderful Lisbon

Lisbon is a city which had been on our list for a long time and earlier this month I was lucky enough to be whisked away by Matt as a final 30th present. We had heard great things about it, from the cobbled streets, beautiful tiles on the buildings and the eating and drinking. We… Continue reading A Weekend In Wonderful Lisbon

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A Beef Wellington For New Year

I have always wanted to attempt a beef Wellington but felt like it wasn’t something to try on friends because of the strong likelihood of it going embarrassingly wrong. I have heard ‘horror’ stories of soggy bottoms and oozy juices, so the decision to try to cook it for New Year’s Eve was made with… Continue reading A Beef Wellington For New Year


2015: May The Feasting Continue

I’m just going to keep this one short as all I really wanted to say was THANK YOU to everyone for your support and feedback this year after I started this blog. It still has a long way to go, and I have some new ideas in mind, but I love writing about Mere Morsels… Continue reading 2015: May The Feasting Continue

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Pigging Out At The Pig On The Beach

Merry Christmas! Yes, I’ve finally emerged from my food coma and have plonked my larger-than-before behind down to actually write again. Apologies for the delay – a resolution for 2015 will be to be more efficient! I entered my fourth decade earlier this month and decided to mark the occasion by stringing celebrations out for… Continue reading Pigging Out At The Pig On The Beach

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Fondue, rostis and chocolate in Geneva

My brother has recently moved to Geneva for work so last month we went for a long weekend before the Christmas madness starts. I’d never been to Switzerland before but so many people I spoke to before we left seemed to know people who had lived there and really enjoyed it, despite it being notoriously… Continue reading Fondue, rostis and chocolate in Geneva